Asbestos in Soil remediation and Bioremediation


Case Study: Asbestos in Soil remediation and Bioremediation

Site Name: Old Bitumen Works


The remediation area was a 1.22 hectare parcel of land. The area is being developed as a parkland. The project objective was to remediate the site to remove the risks posed by asbestos fibre, ACM contamination and TPH, PAH impacted soils identified at the investigation stage. 19 locations, 10mx10m on the site were remediated during the site investigation which involved digging 125 test pits up to 6m in depth over the entire 1.22 hectare site.

Excavation involved removal and stockpiling of clean overburden to allow access to excavation areas and provide safe benching and battering. 6200 tonnes of soil containing friable asbestos or TPH contamination was removed from the site. 1500 tonnes of soil was excavated and spread on picking pads to remove bonded asbestos and allow reuse on site.
Upon clearance, the entire site was profiled using GPS guided earthmoving equipment to a predetermined design. A capping layer of top soil VENM was then placed and verified via survey. Completion of the site involved seeding of a native grass mix in preparation for establishment of a parkland.


Friable asbestos Soil, TPH and PAH contamination, Bioremediation, Community Consultation

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