Demolition & Friable Asbestos Works


Case Study: Demolition & Friable Asbestos Works

Site Name: Mr Fluffy


  • Removal of asbestos containing and contaminated materials;
  • Demolition of required structures;
  • Removal of all rubble, debris and materials from site;
  • Removal of tree stumps as necessary;
  • Soil scrape of the building footprint plus an extra 1m around the footprint;
  • Backfilling of excavations and holes and grading of site to provide an adequately even surface to prevent

    water ponding;

  • Hot spot soil scrape on completion of soil validation.

Key Project Objectives

  • Complete the project under the strict program;
  • Undertake strict community consultation, providing the community with an extensive package detailing all

    works involved;

  • Undertake the works with as little disruption to the community as possible.


Enclosures, Friable Asbestos, Large Government Program, Sensitive Community Consultation

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