Asbestos Awareness Week 26-30 November 2012

Asbestos Awareness Week starts today and the Asbestos Education Committee says it fears a third wave of deaths among home renovators, after those of miners and manufacturers of the deadly material.

Committee member Peter Dunphy says almost every home built before 1987 contains asbestos and simple precautions should be taken in handling the material and ensuring its safe removal.

As part of the campaign, “Betty the Asbestos House” is being unveiled in central Sydney today.

The caravan-sized home will tour towns and cities in New South Wales to help educate people about the high likelihood of there being asbestos in older homes.

“We felt this was a good way of people being able to explore the house and see exactly the sorts of materials that they’re likely to encounter in their houses, and particularly if they are planning to do renovations,” Mr Dunphy said.

Source: ABC News

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