Asbestos Awareness Week – Ross Mitchell, Founder, contributes his years of experience to help spread the message

“Next week is National Asbestos Awareness Week.

After the natural disasters that have swept through our region over the last few years, there has been a focus on the dangers of asbestos as people began cleaning up there homes and businesses.

This needs to be continued and will be something that is talked about nationally during the week, however, when Chris Coleman spoke to President of the Asbestos Removal Contractors Association Ross Mitchell it was clear the major focus around asbestos still concerns educating people about the dangers.

Ross said there have been a few developments in recent years surrounding asbestos and how it is best to be handled.

He stressed that if you are about do to some work around your house where you know or think asbestos is present to call in the professional removalists to ensure it is done correctly and without harming you or your family”.

Source:  ABC News


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