Asbestos in mulch: NSW Government Takes Action

The discovery of asbestos in mulch at several sites across New South Wales has prompted swift action from the state government. To address this critical issue, we have established an Asbestos Taskforce, working closely with the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) to investigate and manage the situation.

**What is the Asbestos Taskforce?**
Comprising senior representatives from both government agencies and local councils, the taskforce aims to coordinate efforts, prioritize high-risk sites, and ensure all necessary resources are deployed promptly. Our commitment is to safeguard public health by securing and remediating affected areas.

**Contact Tracing and Testing**
Our top priority is to trace the complex supply chain associated with mulch distribution. By identifying potential sources of contamination, we can facilitate testing, reporting, and effective management of any positive results. Rigorous monitoring ensures that public safety remains paramount.

**Daily Updates**
The EPA will provide daily updates on impacted sites. Transparency and timely communication are essential as we work together to address this challenge.

**Learn More**
For further information or to make an asbestos-related inquiry, please visit the EPA website and NSW Government .  Asbestos in mulch – information and investigation updates | NSW Government

**RMA Group are available for asbestos testing of mulch, stockpiles,  parklands, testing and removal of illegal dumped mulch and emergency make safe of sites.

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