Decommissioning, Demolition and Remediation of Former Exide Battery Manufacturing Factory

Another great success from the Demolition, Asbestos Removal and Remediation divisions!  An amazing team effort.  A truly integrated approach with the combination of multiple divisions and specialists within RMA Group.

A primary focus of the project was program acceleration and budget control to enable handover and divestment of the site by the land owner that was locked into a 12 week schedule. RMA operated on multiple work fronts to achieve this challenging task. Progressive asbestos removal and clearance by occupational hygienist within individual buildings was closely followed by prompt demolition of structures.

Remediation of insitu soils and construction of the containment cell operated in parallel to the demolition of structures to facilitate an accelerated program and was enabled though establishment of heavy plant and high risk activity exclusion zones permitting several work fronts to operate in parallel.

A strong focus of the project to reduce overall costs was beneficial reuse and recycling of materials on site. Over 80% of demolition waste including brick, concrete, timber and scrap metal was recycled from the site. All contaminated insitu materials were placed and capped within an onsite containment cell which was landscaped to blend into the natural surrounding landforms. Materials used to construct the capping layers of the cell comprised a combination of imported virgin clay and recycled environmental topsoil validated from a chemical perspective to be imported to site.

The numbers:

  • Asbestos abatement – Removal of over 20,000m2 of AC sheeting;
  • Demolition of 10 buildings / site structures – Approximately 25,000m2 footprint of lead battery manufacturing / process buildings;
  • Demolition of over 7,000m2 footprint of concrete hardstand area,
  • Placement and encapsulation of over 8,000m3 of lead and PAH impacted soils;
  • Construction of onsite containment cell including:
  • Supply & placement of over 2,000m3 of imported engineered fill for construction of cell capping layer,
  • Supply and placement of over 1,500m3 of topsoil capping layer over the clay capping layer;
  • Application of hydroseeding mix for promotion of vegetation on the cell surface area;
  • Excavation and placement of over 8,000m3 of lead and PAH impacted soils.

Well done team!

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