Demolition Company pays $12,530 for illegally transporting waste

Media Release: 1 February 2013

A Pitt Town based demolition and earthworks company, was ordered to pay $12,530 in fines and costs in Parramatta Local Court last week for illegally transporting waste to an unlicensed South Windsor site in February 2011.

The EPA charged the company for the transport of about 16 loads of waste containing asbestos to a property adjacent to the South Windsor Resource Recovery Centre.

Although the waste centre held an Environment Protection Licence it did not allow for the receipt of asbestos or for waste to be deposited offsite at the adjacent block.

Director Waste Strategy and Program Delivery Stephen Beaman said that this case demonstrated the responsibility that waste companies had when transporting their load.

“In this case the defendant’s director did not make appropriate inquiries to determine if the facility he had chosen was properly licensed to accept the asbestos-laden load,” Mr Beaman said.

“In addition the director did not question the direction to place the load on a site that was outside of the waste centre’s boundaries.

“Waste contractors are responsible for where their loads are going and should always check the licences of the waste facility they intend to transport waste to.

“Licences can be viewed at a licensed waste facility and are also available online on the EPA’s public register.

“All waste contractors have the responsibility to ensure that they are doing the right thing and following the law when depositing their loads, and as this case proves if you get caught doing the wrong thing you will face regulatory action.”

In sentencing, Magistrate Betts said that the waste industry had to be absolutely vigilant about what they carried and disposed of as there was no room for short cuts when the health of the public and the environment were at risk.

The penalties include a $5,000 fine and $7,530 in prosecution and investigation costs.

Combating the illegal dumping of waste is a key priority for the NSW Government and is a goal in NSW 2021.


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