Flood victims urged to use licensed builders

Master Builders Queensland (MBQ) says flood-hit residents can visit its website to search for licensed contractors.

There have been concerns about a possible shortage of builders in some areas.

MBQ spokesman Michael Hopkins says it is important to ensure builders have the proper credentials.

“What we’ll see happening is that as well as the local builders obviously doing a lot of the works, there’ll be builders come from around Queensland to help out, which is what we’ve seen happen in these sorts of situations in the past,” he said.

Residents and builders in flood-affected areas have been urged to be wary of the dangers of mould.

He says houses must be left to properly dry out before repair works can begin.

Mr Hopkins says safety precautions should be taken.

“Just to make sure safety equipment’s being used … use the proper cleaners and if people are allergic make sure they’re using ventilators, masks and the like to make sure they’re protected,” he said.


RMA Group are able to assist with mould remediation and flood recovery rectifications.  Talk to us about our inspection teams currently on call and automated inspection process:

Example Inspection Report Extract:

Are there visible cracks or subsidence, indicating structural defects?YIf yes engage Structural Engineer
 Has the property been cleared for electrical hazards?N If no, contact the electricity provider.
Flood Damage Category
Are there signs of water or flood damage?Y     Water marks present internally (severe, moderate or limited)
Do you have a HAZMAT report and are there hazards present?Y     Yes, noting asbestos walls and eaves.  If yes, engage specialist removalist.
Is mould present?Y    If yes, ensure proper PPE (P2 masks, overalls etc)
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