RMA Volunteers for Business Clean Up Australia Day at PCYC Bankstown

Bankstown PCYC, like most great PCYC centres, was in need of a little hand from the local community and we were more than happy to help.  When we first met Geoff, from Bankstown PCYC, he had a long list of work that he wanted to finish, however, was unable due to funding.

With the great help and organisation of Business Clean Up Day Australia 2013, we managed to clean up approximately 1 tonne of oversized steel and general waste, refreshed the paint of the front of the centre and the “Chill Out Room”.  Our volunteers were made up of project managers, supervisors, painters, administration and safety personnel.  The day was enjoyed by all, with plenty of hard work and sweat on the steamy day in February.  We also used the day as a safety training day, with full inductions, safe work procedures and PPE highlighting the implementation of a project plan for office staff.  With all the proper procedures in place, we were happy to report there were no injuries, no blood or tears (maybe a couple of whimpers by the end of the day).

Apart from the small inconvenience of blocking off part of the centre, all visitors to the centre were appreciative of our work and cheered on as our tired arms painted on.  In fact, the biggest reward from the day was to meet many of the Bankstown PCYC members, as they enjoyed their activities in the centre.

The A Team – Andrew, Naomi, Emily, Darrin, Sam and Tony (thank you also to Stephen)

Thank you to all involved, particularly Geoff, who let us practice our painting skills on the centre.  We hope to continue the relationship and we are also looking to donate new doors for the Gym, a new TV for the Chill Out Room and also assist with the removal of the overgrown pines at the front of the centre.

For more information on Bankstown PCYC please contact:

Club Manager:  Geoff Yates
Cnr French Ave & Meredith Street Bankstown 2200
Ph. 9796 1287 Fax. 9796 7661


For RMA media enquiries, please contact info@rossmitchell.com.au.

Front of the Centre before, looking a little dull and in need of a paint

The Team taking the opportunity to sing a song

Lunch time, Bill on cooking and photos (Thanks Bill)

The “Chill Out Room” refreshed, light and bright with a new coat of paint on the ceiling

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