WWII Camouflage Fuel Tanks Georges Heights Remediation Project

The WWII Camouflage Fuel Tanks Site at Georges Heights is of a high significance to Sydney’s heritage landscape and as such the Sydney Harbour Federation Trust have scheduled upgrade work to the site.

Works are currently underway and entail the remediation of existing tanks and surrounding grounds and the restoration of the building structure.

For all enquiries
Construction Project Manager Tony McMahon  0488 110 111
Site Remediation Manager Miguel Canas 0411 674 118

City View- Asbestos super six roof of the fuel tanks, which will be replaced along with structural replacement of timbers and columns.

Works progressing with road construction underway along with removal of asbestos contaminated soils, fuel tank remediation and fuel line cleaning of hidden oil contaminants.

Water treatment plant underway, removing petrochemical contaminants from the water for re-use/safe disposal.

Inside the fuel tanks.

For further information please contact our head office team on 9642 0011 or info@rossmitchell.com.au.

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